Premium IPTV Subscription

Watch IPTV on any device, anywhere!

Over 9000 chanells & 50000 VOD

We are using the latest technology to adapt streaming to all devices you use

Smart TV, TV Box, PC or Laptop at home or on the go, on your tablet or phone

Compatible & Stable

You can watch Premium TV and Movies on any device, no restrictions
Smart TV, PC or Laptop at home or on the go, on your phone

How does it work?

  • Simply connect to the Internet

    In order to view IPTV you require an internet connection.

    It is delivered via the internet from our servers straight to your TV or Device.

  • Connect your device and set your Apps
    With your internet connected you are ready to setup your device, be it your TV via an App or TV Box which supports IPTV, on your PC, Laptop and Mobile.

  • Choose A Channel
    Domino IPTV has a large selection of channels in many different languages from various countries.

  • Live or Movies

    Watch live TV sporting events, your favourite show streaming in real time.

    Not fancying anything on the box, have a look at some of the latest movies on demand.

  • Enjoy your channel surfing!
    Sit back and relax with Domino IPTV’s fast zapping, chop and change channels as you Compatible Devices


Reliable Hardware

10 Gbps servers are situated around the world

Load Balancing & Smart Routing

Server Stability

The best industry servers with backup servers

ensuring you stay connected


4K and High Definition Streams

2160p/1080p/720p picture quality

Reseller Plan

Start your own business

Grow and manage your own customer base

Multi-device Support

Support all IPTV devices

Smart TV, MAG, XBMC/KODI, Enigma, PC or Mobile

VPN Client

Compatible with Private Network Connections

Secure & Protect Your Web Browsing